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All real estate related consultations in California, USA are available. For those who need mid- to long-term investment, after immigrating to the U.S., we can consult on the purchase of a house, the purchase of various commercial buildings, location selection when opening a business, or long-term land investment. Please contact us by email or message and we will guide you.

Cell : (213) 663-5392
Email : [email protected]


Jae Hyuk (Jason) helped us from beginning to end in selling our condo. He was always professional, took time to explain things, and was very quick and responsive. He gave us advice on how to handle certain things/situations as they came up and we always felt that he was honest and trustworthy. We highly recommend him as a realtor.

Christina Chung

Jae is highly motivated,organized and dedicated to fulfill the needs of his client. Jae is trustworthy and willing to go extra miles to make each and every issue as smooth and efficient as possible. Jae listens carefully to my needs and counsels me on recent real estate matters by providing market information. He has proficiency such as negotiation skills, thoroughness in handling details and he also has excellent communication skills. I will seek his help when I am ready to buy another house.

soonae yi

Mr Kwak is extremely professional and cares about his clients. He facilitated dozens of showings and was always on time. He responds immediately and answers all questions within minutes. We have worked with him for multiple projects. If you have any realty needs he is the one to reach out to. He also speaks Korean.


Agent Kwak, he did all the work of selling and buying a house to with a relatively low commission, and very efficiently and well done. He helped me with all the paperwork, review, signing process, etc.  He went through the whole process in detail until I got my new house key. He did a lot of hard work, and I want to thank him again.

Woan Hwang

If you are looking for a honest and hardworking realtor, I definitely recommend Mr Kwak. He is very easy to communicate with and is always looking after his client’s best interests rather than his own. I was especially impressed with how quickly he gets things done In a very timely manner. I was stress-free throughout the whole process of purchasing our home because Mr Kwak took care of virtually everything.

Shanna L

Jae Kwak helped guide me seamlessly through the buy of my new Town house. He was courteous, honest, respectful, and kept me up to date every step of the way. Even though I was on a business trip to Korea when I signed the contract, I was able to purchase the house without any inconvenience. Jae’s advice, based on years of experience and knowledge, supported my decisions, providing me with a truly professional experience.
I highly recommended him to the people around me.

Christine C.Y Park

Mr. Kwak and his team are amazing. It was our first home to be sold and I’m so grateful that Mr. Kwak walked us through the entire process every step of the way with insight. The final sale price was much higher than I ever expected. Plus, Mr. Kwak is a joy to work with. You can absolutely trust him to help you sell your home you won’t be disappointed. He also helped us put tennant on same property twice without any issues during pandemic and before. He will help you with anything real-estate related.

damian blue

Mr. Kwak helped me with selling two properties at same time. It is always hard to sell properties in buyer’s market like now, but he is very knowledgeable about any situations. He is also very good at negotiating. I strongly recommend Mr. kwak to anyone who needs to sell properties during such a hard time.

Sung Kim

I remembered that I met him in 2008 during I had been in a tough spot Subprime Mortgage Crisis. I was devastated because I couldn’t be afford to pay the high mortgage interest rates 6.5% and I had no idea how I can figure it out. I hadn’t have any connections with him before and I reached out him through the posting in Korean Community Website. He definitely helped me out to get Obama Rescue Plan smoothly. Therefore, I could avoid breaking my credit score and keep my house. He is EXPERT and I have never met more expert realtors than him so far. I STRONGLY recommend him if you buy the perfect your dream house. BTW, I bought my new place with him again. I am so happy and satisfied with his service!

Elisha Lee

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